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We can obtain accurate measurements from vehicle photographs for crush analysis and the development of 2D & 3D diagrams and animations.

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Head On Collision

Collisions Happen When You Least Expect Them!

Crash Investigators  
Provides the Following Services:

·         3D diagrams & 3D Animations

  • Collision Analysis and Reconstruction
    ...Auto – Truck – M/C – Bicycle –Pedestrian
  • Personal Injury – Product Liability
  • Criminal Defense Investigation
    ...Felony – Misdemeanor
  • Low Speed Impact Analysis
    ...Participant in several Low Impact Studies
  • Perception and Reaction Time Studies
  • Speed and Time Distance Analysis
  • Scene Documentation and Photography
  • Vehicle Photographs for Crush
    ...Measurements and PDOF
  • Qualified Expert Witness in Superior Court
  • Motor Vehicle Information
  • Locating and Interviewing Witnesses
  • Background Information
    ...Civil – Criminal – Driver’s Records

Training and Experience

Fred R. Young is retired from the Washington State Patrol with 27 years of experience. He was trained as an Accident Specialist with expertise in Felony Crime Scene Investigation and Crime Scene Photography. He has investigated over 4500 traffic accidents, some of which required scene reconstruction and expert court testimony.

After retiring from the State Patrol, Fred has continued his education and completed two Accident Reconstruction training courses, Analysis of Low Speed Collision, and Advanced Accident Reconstruction training through IPTM and Texas A&M Universities.

Fred now has Eleven years of experience as a private investigator analyzing and reconstructing accident scenes, in cases ranging from Civil Litigation to Vehicular Homicides. He has testified in both District and Superior Courts, and has the experience in working with Defense Attorneys in the Federal Court System.

If you have any questions regarding liability in your client's accident, call Fred.



Fred R. Young

Crash Investigators

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